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Holiday? What Holiday?

You know, I remember when Columbus Day was a bigger deal than it is now. Of course, here in California (land of the politically correct) it gets even less coverage than most places in the US.

I celebrated Columbus Day by spending some time with Roni (the State apparently still closes offices today...whereas most colleges and business were open...a sort of partial three day weekend). This was a good thing, as Roni's a bit insecure about the time I spend with Audra. So's steelmagnoliaca (aka Val), actually. Michele has rightly pointed out that there's plenty of good reason for all the worry...Audra is perhaps the first serious relationship from my past to get this serious since...well, since Roni. There have been others...but none of them have taken over like this one seems to have in a lot of ways.

So I go from surviving mercury retrograde...to VENUS retrograde. Which is resulting in a lot of these relationship dramas that I feel ill-prepared to deal with. I have so many people I care about in my life, and my greatest wish is for all of them to be happy...only it seems like everyone's happiness is at cross purposes.

I was going to write about the weekend, and how great it turned out to be...but suddenly I'm so damn achy all I can think about is taking an serious amount of pain killers, soaking in the tub, and crawling to bed.

However, there is something I wanted to write down here...I apparently had some sort of great insight whilst driving one day, so I jotted it down on the back of a business card. I *think* I remember what i was trying to capture, but I'll have to ponder it a bit more before talking about it:

"God is the future looking at the past."
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