Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Another Bullet Dodged

Well, I picked Michele up at 4 as planned: She finally called this afternoon to tell me the layoffs were still this vague, amorphous creature that may or may not affect us after all. She wasn't depressed...in fact, she was in the best spirits I've seen her in in months, perhaps even the last year or so.

One thing's fo sure: Exodus no longer exists. The logo's were removed from all the signs, all the old stationary has been destroyed... empoyees were actually told to remove ALL exodus memorabilia from the office. I guess they've concluded exodus was cursed.

Ironically, I would have said the company was lucky: It went bankrupt and was dissolved before they were audited.

Valerie drove home today... she helped to clean Roni's room with me today, and I brought her to her car (we were keeping it at Noe's place for reasons too convoluted to go into here).

Oh, we all did make it to see that BBW erotic movie Tuesday night...stay tuned for the review!
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