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It's Alive...

Well, I managed to get through a week without doing the journal thing. I think I needed to see how much I needed it (perhaps a deliberate manifestation of "I can quit any time I want"?) Not only was it hard to not think of "Wow, I really need to get that into the journal", I found that I really, REALLY missed reading about other people. In fact, it felt almost stupid by tonight when (after coming back from Rocky in Oakland...more on that later!) I realized I had to catch up on ALL of the reading, and at least get something down from myself before I could sleep. Since the birds are heralding the dawn as I type this, hunched over my iBook on Roni's floor, trying not to type too loudly so she and Val aren't disturbed...

Damn it, Inigo....it's too much, I sum up (at least for now):

Over the last week I've had a few things land in my lap: Michele is feeling better than she has in ages...I'm sorry, that can be read wrong. Her "vibe", if you can tolerate the newage verbiage, is better than it's been in a very long time. She actually asked for a gift certificate from Mecca (Good Vibes in SF). Since her health totally screwed with her libido (thank the GODDESS I'm poly, otherwise I would have exploded months ago...a similar situation screwed up my Mom's marriage 25 years ago), this is the best sign I've seen that both it...and her interest in sex...is improving.

Speaking of poly, there's the breakup between [deleted], [deleted] and [deleted] with Valerie. It wasn't pretty, and they called me for advice. Valerie took it really hard (essentially she was dumped by three people at once, while the true dynamic is a LOT more complex), and we wound up inviting her up here. That calmed her down at the time, though she did wind up doing some minor damage to herself.

I feel really odd, somehow being pegged as an "elder" of the group. I suspect that merely surviving the lifestyle thrust upon us (nature, nurture, or otherwise) somehow confers a status that implies that, somehow, I know things that others don't. My reality is a bit different...I know that I know a lot less than I wish I did, and that other people know about as much as I do...but don't trust what they don't know. Um...

I'm sure that will make even LESS sense when I wake up later today. :P

I need to talk more about the last week, but it'll wait until later. Suffice it to say I will not be leaving this medium for this long again. Rob manages to make doing her journal as much a part of her routine as brushing her teeth...I suspect I need to do the same, and I need to consider it as important to my health as eating.

Hyperbole? Not for a writer.
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