Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Philosophical Question

Well, talk about odd synchronicity.

I recently mentioned my experience in second grade regarding Mrs. Rollner's decision to play grinch bitch. Well check out this story about a kindergarten sub (thanks to Roni for telling me about it).

Now, the debate has multiple levels. The principal of the school thinks that, technically, the teacher in question did nothing wrong as "she told the truth". Roni's take was that she didn't have the right, that it was the parent's job to reveal those sorts of things. Playing devil's advocate, I pondered if people didn't give up a lot of that "right" by allowing the state to teach their children (I'm a BIG separation of school and state advocate).

A useful side-effect of this talk was my realization that the issue wasn't that the teacher was dispensing a "fact", it's that the nature of Santa Claus is one of faith, and, as such, she did NOT have a right to make the announcement she did.

Ah, the collision between science and belief... and the endless fun we can all have trying to figure out what the difference is.
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