Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

I'm Sorry, Wednesday's A Holday?

So, since I'm pagan and the holiday WE celbrate was during the weekend, I find myself a bit peevish at being caught up in the insanity of the pre-xmas hysteria. I have to worry about store's being closed early, holiday traffic and such, even though it isn't the day *I* celebrate. Oh well...

Since I'm spending New Year's with steelmagnoliaca and Roni, I'm missing a "Sunday" with lavendarsage. That was the core of the previously mentioned fight we had -- I *hate* that feeling that I'm going to dissapoint someone, no matter what I do. Anyway, I'm heading over there (probably right after I post this) to spend an evening there, so she only has to wait 10 days instead of two weeks before seeing me again.

Right now I'm a bit annoyed with Michele for being so fuzzy on her plans. She can't understand why I was ticked off, as (in her words) all I had to do was ask for what I wanted. Of course, I'm trying to not be so damn demanding, so I'm trying to let her take the lead. She's the one who complained that I tended to force my wants/needs onto her, thus forcing her to subvert her own: Now that I won't do that any more, it sounds like she's complaining.

Anyway, we exchanged some gifts last night (we believe in an extended gift giving period...tends to relieve some of the tension). I scored with an assortment of unfinished picture frames from IKEA (perfect for all the craft projects they like to do), combined with a starbuck's coffee card for Ron and a copy of "Beauty and the Beast" on DVD for Michele. Rob helpfully translated between me and Michele, so I was able to finalize plans for today at A and E's, dinner X-mas afternoon, and then I can head up to the city to spend some extra time with Roni before steelmagnoliaca gets here.


I guess if I want anything for the coming year, it's to improve on my abilty to communicate, and (perhaps) lose the annoying inability to ask for 100% of what I want. That, and learn how to talk with Rob again. Lot's of money wouldn't hurt either.

Ok, it's FREEZING in my room...my fingers are getting numb, and it's getting dark out. I go forth to confront the aforementioned holiday traffic.
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