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Headache Has NOTHING To Do With NYE

I'm sitting in bed in Boulder Creek, still a bit dazed about what a wild week this has been.

steelmagnoliaca flew back to San Diego on Wednesday. Since I was in Oakland anyway, I decided to surprise lavendersage with a visit, thus reducing the feared two week hiatus to 7 days. Oh, and I still get to see her this Sunday.

Turns out that lovingstones really needed an evening alone, so Audra was going to get us a room for the night. Since it was the room with a tub, and Eileen was needing a good soak (especially after I massaged out some serious tension in her neck and back), we wound up doing a little bit of a location dance. Note to myself: Eileen discovered that the playboy channel is one of the room's benefits, and apparently enjoyed it. A lot. I didn't know she liked that sort of thing. Silly yo.

I was having a rough night. I suspect I was having a bit of a post new year's eve bash drop-off (which didn't help my attitude with Roni and Val just before I brough Val to the Airpport), which manifested as a pretty nasty short term (thank goddess!) depression. Audra was wonderful, and helped me through it. I wound up doing a reading for myself that had the usual messages about the short term conflicts that I face over the next few months: No big news there. We cast a circle and did some work, and I felt remarkably better. Call that a free clue from the universe: A little work goes a long way.

I slept solidly (and without the use of Ambien) until Audra awoke at 7 am for work. After a bit of fun (the 15 minute quickie - woohoo!) I crashed so hard I didn't even hear Eileen come over and get in a soak, and then leave. Bless them both, they left caffiene in the form of cold cokes.

I grabbed some food, and decided to give Kim a call. She's a lovely girl who lives in Watsonville, a total babe who reminds me a bit of wickedladybear, only a little rounder. She was feeling a bit blue a day or so before, so I wanted to see how she was.

Somehow we wound up meeting at a Barfucks Coffee in lovely downtown W'Ville. The problem with that town is there is CONSIDERABLE eye candy, but it's essentially still a farm town in transition... sort of the same situation that Val describes when she gets back to SD after visiting SF. Lot's of people you start to hit on before you remember where you are.

On the way there I got a call from Michele: My utilikilt had arrived! I made plans to stop by the house that afternoon before heading back up to SF. As it turned out, those sort of floated about a bit, but it all worked out, as you'll see.

Kim was FAR cuter than the pictures I had seen of her online. I had suspected that it was a case of bad lighting and angles and such. Mind you, she was already sexy as hell in those shots, so much so I had already asked if she would pose for me. I sure hope she decides to do it: Even if I can't sell 'em I would want them for ME!

We wound up spending the afternoon together at her place, where she has the most talkative Cockatiel I had ever seen (funny aside... When I walked in I noted "Oh! What a pretty cockatiel!" And she started to correct me...and then realized I HADN'T said "Cockatoo".) I told her the story of Kai's bird, who would only really talk when no one was looking. That bird could bark, meow like a cat, simulate the answering machine (complete with "beep!" and the sound of the messages being fast forwarded)... and call for her husband Paul.

Paul was this incredible guy who was always big, tall, and gentle... until he got throat cancer. It was a truly awful experience, watching him waste away, until one night when, in Kai's big arms, he left us. There was no doubt that he chose the time of his leaving: It was one of those unspoken understandings that he was suffering, and he didn't want to go out in one of those damned hospitals.

But the bird would still call out, in Kai's voice "Paul?", and we would almost always expect him to come walking in, laughing that the bird had fooled him again.

(insert pause here as Yo swallows hard)

I wound up not getting out of there until 7 PM, stunned at how, once again, the universe makes it clear that life is well worth living, even if it is complicated as hell.

I called Roni, worried that I was running late...only to discover that she thought I wasn't coming over at all, and she was going to crash early anyway. I had to laugh at my mistake, and with a general sense of relief. It was also confirmation that I was CERTAINLY not still depressed.

I called Val (who had left a strange message about some guy she had been talking to online...all she said was that Roni said it would make me laugh, and Roni wouldn't tell me). She filled me in on this psycho who had been flirting with her, but seemed really interested in Val's girlfriend (Roni, in this case). First, Val has figured out that this is the guy that was banned from the local BBW dance group, Big Boogie Nights. Now, Darrin may annoy some people, but he's tolerant: I know this for a fact. Whatever personal flaws he has, he won't just arbitrarily play any games like banning someone unless that person was REALLY out of line.

Turns out, this guy knew Roni. Oh, let me amend that...this crazy fuck was stalking Roni after meeting her once, at Nordstrom's Rack in SF. He was, in fact, still obsessed with her on the level of "I still want to make things work", even though Roni has had NO contact with him since '95 (at the latest!). Apparently he was calling her every day for a year, sometimes up to 8 times a day. The irony of the fact that the man wanted to be all monogamous and make babies wasn't lost on me: At that time in her life that's what R wanted more than anything. Now, she's bi, poly and a bit kinky.

I worry about V baiting the guy, but she says it's too much fun. I expressed that it's always the apparently harmless psycho's you have to watch out for (odd aside: Remember the Laura Black incident, when that guy went rampaging through a company in Sunnyvale? When I was about to move out to California, that was one of the companies I applied to. *shudder* )

When I got home, I gave Rob and Michele their solstice gifts from Roni (Rob got a flax seed wrist rest, and Michele got this great recipe card set based on the traditional tarot deck. I've been joking about how you can get a reading and a great meal at the same time), and got to try on my brand new kilt.

Now, I'm about to head into town to get my prescription refills: I'm debating on how brave I really am. Not to mention my new found appreciation for woman dealing with sitting in skirts. I know that it's not kosher to wear underware with kilts, but I might have to wear at least boxers until I get used to it.

Anyway, I have to run: I'm spending the weekend with Chris in Sacramento (first time since last August, I think!), and I should have been out of here an hour ago. I was all thick brained when I woke up this morning, though now that the ibuprofen is taking effect I feel a lot better. Later!
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