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Reporting From Sunny Sacramento!

Well, Christine has a half decent net connection (is it wrong to hate someone for having a consistent 53.3K connection?), and I just had the WEIRDEST fucking dream...

I was living with this guy (as a room-mate, I hasten to add)and we were still working out all the details of what we could use as far as each other's stuff. I remember that when I first started the dream, it was this little isolated cabin, but as the dream progressed, all these people started showing up. At one point I was at the top of a rise in back, which seemed to have this huge compost pile that collapsed when I stepped on top of it, half burying me, and bringing people running to pull me out.

After it was determined I was ok, they began to walk off to some sort of a celebration. I discovered I had all these burrs firmly entangled in my hair (the result of being such a hairy monster). I went into the basement to rinse off.

This was one of the first really weird parts: If you've EVER had to deal with burrs, they're damned impossible to get off. You have to pull almost every single one of of your hair. I've known of pets who were so encrusted with the damn things you have to shave the poor beasts.

However, I pick up a container of liquid soap, and said "All I have to do is imagine that this soap will dissolve the burrs easily", and I did...and they did. Dissolve, that is.

After getting the burrs off, I try to catch up with my group. I run through a resturuant, where everyone seemed to know me. I walk out the back, but still don't see them. However, I do find my car. Climbing in, I start to drive.

The first thing I notice is that Chris' two aggressively affectionate cats have snuck into my car, and now have climbed into my lap. I become obbsessed with fleas, and start picking them off my skin and tossing them out the window. I'm driving through this vast dessert, when I notice what looks like a parking ticket flapping on my front window.

I pull over in disgust, trying to remember how I could have been parking illegally, and grab the sheaf. First, I try to see what the ticket cost me, but the ticket is really vague on this point. I try to find some sort of informational number, or jusridiction info, and still can't find anything clear. Then I find all of this pro-christian propaganda, and it dawns on me that the ticket is fake -- that I was suckered into reading it because it looked official.

I finally DO find something that looks like a fine column, but under the "total" heading it said "Pay Later". Cute.

Then I woke up, all groggy and dried out. I think that's where the desert came from.

Like I said...strange dreams.
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