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Like A Gold Brick Upside The Head... Hold The Lemon Peel

Well, I knew that I was fighting a migraine. Had thought I had beaten it. In fact, commented to Rob last night, "hey, my headache's gone! Woohoo!"

Spoke way too soon.

Around midnight realized not only was the headache BACK, but it was rapidly progressing into that land where movement, light, sound, and thinking was painful. Into that place where I use a word to describe something that I rarely get into, at least in the physical pain sense: Agony.

I'll say something hurts. That I'm in pain. And then, usually dismissively: Pain is a constant, as far as I'm concerned. I stub, bump, and generally damage myself through unending clutsiness too often. But agony is reserved for that sick headache pain from hell.

I finally managed to subdue it through creative self medication by about 3:30 AM. I came to (not "woke up") around 12, managed to feel almost human if post-migraine (I hope it's post!) groggy and sluggish.

So today was COMPLETELY flushed. Still haven't found my wallet, which is probaly under Roni's bed or some such. *sigh*

I'll fill y'all in later, especially about the evil LJ goodies I've found lately. Think every character in Buffy cavorting in their own LJ's, in character. LJ meets MUSH. It had to happen. It's almost a new art-form, appearing before our wondering eyes.
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