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Bring Out Your Dead...(clang!)


I want to object strenuously to the early flu season. How is someone supposed to get themselves stuck with the vaccine for this years model if the disease hits you first?

It's nasty, folks. Try not getting it. Fortunately, as usual, I bore through it faster than most...no, it's not like I have a super immune system, it's more like I get just as sick as everyone else...only faster. Think watching it in fast forward. Just dose me with cold meds, wrap me up, and don't mind the low moans and occasional meaningless exclamations.

I have been staying in bed for then last 24 hours now. The fever broke this morning at about 5, but I still think I'm a little woozy.

Daytime TV is always a strange thing to deal with. Today on Maury, Mothers who Hate Their Girls Dress Like Tom Boys. Would I kid about something like this? Apparently, there are these dykes...er, young girls (all around 13) who are indistinguishable from boys of about the same age. It was one of those "makeover" shows, of course, where everyone has deluded themselves into thinking that somehow, these young lesbians and FTM's in training will suddenly realize the error of their ways (etc).

Never mind that all of them had specific goals in mind, mostly sports related ("I love sports", "I want to be in the NBA...try doing that in a skirt!") and really good reasons why they hated "dressing up" and make-up. And when they were finished, each and every one of them looked like young boys in dresses, obviously hating every moment as their mothers cooed and fussed over their "little girls".

Gah. In a few years I'd love to see a follow up. I figure there 1 FTM, 3 lesbians, and one girl who says "it was just a phase"...and is a lipstick lesbian.

Getting sick is a weird process for me...for example, wednesday I was pretty much fine...no sign I was about to go down hard for 24 hours. However, past experience leads me to believe that I was being less than, ah, reasonable for a few days before hand.

I received an email from one of the trio...she was still mad at me, but there was a moment of reconciliation that made me cry. I have to really reconsider my actions over the last week, as it's probable that I've managed to put my foot in it again...ah, those teeth marks around my knees!

Ok, I'm going to post this before I over-do...I won't even be able to move much until tomorrow, at least.
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