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First, Weird Dreams Again...

I'm posting this as a seperate entry, simply because I won't be able to scan too well tonight otherwise. I'm on Oxycontin and Flexeril for a dumb back thing (more on that later), so this may come out pretty damn weird. I apologize in advance.

I have these dreams involving waves a lot. Big, crashing, ocean waves. Usually, I'm in a building that's right on the shore, and the waves eventually crash into it. Very creepy.

This time I was on an island, watching the storm from a greater difference. This time, the storm passes, and the sun comes out. We were in some sort of shelter from the storm, and people began singing that bit from the end of "Age of Aquarius"... you know, the bit about letting the sun in and all.

Michele was with me, and as we left, we were accosted by a bunch of women who took her away... it had a very Orwellien Matriarchial Society from Hell feel about it (I don't even LIKE those kinds of movies... being in one was creepy). They told me she was being taken to a room number (not the single digit one from "1984", It was a five digit number that they wouldn't confirm when I tried to check to make sure I remembered it correctly).

I began searching the building for the room, but it turns out the room numbers weren't in sequence. I remember thinking it made no sense to number a room if you had to know where the room was before you could find it.

I wandered into one room with machines that looked like medical monitoring equipment, certain I was about to be discovered at any moment...that horribly squishy paranoid feeling. Someone did discover me, and I was forced to fight for my life. As a result, they dies (I wasn't sure how, though... it felt like just touching them killed them). I was horrified, as now I had to find Michele AND escape from this country/society.

I found myself lurking through elevators and back passages, until I came to a cubical farm that was incredibly crowded by people. About here I realized that the only other male I ran into was a janitor I ran into in one of the service elevators.

I was in a total panic at this point...fortunately, I awoke with that disorientated "Oh wow, it was only a dream?" feeling.

I told Michele about it yesterday, but for very good reasons, she didn't get around to telling me what she thought. lavendersage has told me SHE thinks the waves in my dreams are equivalent to the Tower in tarot... cataclysmic change that feels destructive, but is important before you move on to the next phase of...well, whatever. The Tarot deck I use, Motherpeace, has an excellent image for the tower. Lightening striking a tower is a common representation. The difference in my deck is that it is also shown striking a log, which burns partially, allowing for the creation of a canoe. You can either control change, or be controlled by it, and so forth.

People who know me well know my deepest secret: I suck when it comes to change. Badly. But this time, the waves didn't crash into me, and the storm passes...but that new element of Michele being taken away, and my searching for her, bothers me, a lot. I can only guess at what it REALLY means.

My old thereapist once made an interesting point about dreams. I had heard that you play everyone in a dream, but she noted that you also play every THING in them as well. Thus the waves, the person who dies, all those women, even the cubicles are all a part of some subconscious psychodrama that I'm playing out. What does the elevator mean? The room wasn't in a basement level, it was higher... maybe two, three stories up.

Maybe it's just a weird dream.
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