Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Bad Back, Bad Timing

Well, at last I had a morning when I could tell that the back is a lot better. For the record, the Oxycontin/Flexirl combo was a good idea at the time, but I felt so godawful CRAPPY the next day that I, once again, remember why I don't generally use that sort of thing.

My sinuses ARE a lot better, though last night I had that disconcerting sensation of "drainage" that sometimes happens. Not that I cared much about that: The whole back thing is weighing heavily on me. I mean, did this HAVE to happen as I turn 40? Think about that screamingly bad cliche of the fairly able bodied male who turns 40 and falls apart physically. The back pain especially -- even though I know it has to be from one of the coughing sessions I had from the cold, which is now almost completely gone.

I remember Linda Underhill telling me about how a lot of serious singers dread coughing for any reason. Because of damage to the vocal cords? Well, that's always a risk, but the real fear is that more powerful diaphragms built up by years of vocal pyrotechnics can actually break ones own ribs. Ow.

Anyway, I have to run. Roni and I have to get to Piedmont Avenue over in Oakland to get her latest obsession, this Honey Almond shower gel from this one shop called "Please Don't Eat the Furniture". I need to get out of this house, gingerly or not.

Oh, and with all the talk about the copyright violation on the part of "Something Awful" , including a comment I was in complete agreement with by bikergeek regarding using stupid laws when they break in your favor, I forgot to mention the OTHER issue I had to deal with this week.

Some idiot had a geocities web site with all of this sexual information posted to it, including a piece, cut and pasted verbatim, of my Fat Sexual Positions piece. Only problem was it had no links back to my site, no mention that I'm the one who had authored it... in short a BLATANT copyright violation, DMCA or no DMCA.

I dropped the guy a note, asking for him to yank it. I gave him the entire week to get it done, but it was only the last couple of hours before 5 PM friday that he yanked it. At least, I THINK he was the one who yanked it...the entire site was pretty much gone by friday. Apparently I wasn't the only one whose work was misappropriated.

*sighs* It definitely looks like this is the year I'm gonna have trouble with this shit.

Oh, one last aside: In most of these cases I don't even need a C&D letter. All I have to do is bitch to the appropriate ISP, and let THEM do the dirty work. Mwahahaha!
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