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Now We Know He's A Geek...

So, as Buffy ended tonight, I suddenly got this awful rush...

"Ooo, I can't WAIT until I read the Buffy LJ's on this one!"

Then I realized what I was thinking. Good goddess, is this it? Have I finally crossed that line into a total fanboy meltdown?

Well, probably not. It's just such a fascinating thing to watch. The tendency towards broken narrative flow that most personal LiveJournal's exhibit lends itself nicely to sudden shifts in plotting (which is likely every Tuesday... with the occasional week off). I wonder how far it will go? I mean, can you imagine what they'll do over the summer, between seasons? Hell, what would they do in the event SMG decides to can it all, and the series simply ends?

Will it become this living creature, following the further adventures of the scoobies through the comic books and endless trade paperbacks? Or will it finally wither and die?
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