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You Did WHAT Monday?

I'll get to that. I promise. Though I suspect some of you would rather I didn't. I'll warn you before I get gross this time.

Sunday was a bit odd, being the Super Bowl and all. Even though I'm not the fanatic some are (coughRonicough) I was shocked at how badly the Raiders choked. I actually didn't feel like I missed much skipping the second half (blasphemy, I know!) and heading up to lavendersage's place in Hayward. Something I hadn't considered was that there would be a small but seriously deranged contingent of people racing from one bowl party to another, straddling lanes at 100 or better.

Had a wonderful evening with A and lovingstones, literally magickal. Monday came way too soon, especially since the odd phone call with Ambar had landed me into the less than savory position of helping her clean her cattery.

Ambar couldn't have picked a better person: I simply neglected to take my Adderal that morning, and really got myself worked up into "white tornado" mode. The result was a sort of straight forward hyper-focused anal retentive neat freak from hell ("Screw this... time to SLUICE!"} who stood half a chance against what was essentially a VERY intimidating job.

It pretty much came out to about 4 hours of work. The original plan was to head back to BC for a soak, but she, and (to be honest) I were both pretty trashed.

But I would have eaten dinner off of that floor by that point. I could've bet money that it was more germ free than any of your clean dishes are right now.

Okay... I'm too tired to finish this tonight. Later!
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