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Suggestion: Avoid The Letter "C"

My friend Terry called this morning. I had called him a couple of days ago and left a message, so (in my awakening stupor) I thought he was returning the call. He says "Columbia blew up on re-entry". I told him that wasn't funny.

Then I realized he was serious.

I was disorientated enough to ponder the effect of the explosion on the markets, upon which he (gently) reminded me it was Saturday.

Once I had a chance to imbibe some caffeine and let the drugs take effect, and I had some time to watch the videos and hear some of the preliminaries, I can pretty much concluded a few things:

- It was an accident.
- This was a 20+ year old SPACE vehicle.
- It was mercifully quick.

May the deities of their individual belief guide them to their rest.
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