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No Signs Of the Times

So, Roni and I decided to get away from the whole Columbia thing by going to a movie. Unfortunately, all the options sucked, so we went to see the Two Towers again. Just to be different, we went to see it at the iMAX theater in Dublin, if only to dig that great score on the big wonking sub bass cabinet. I have your sub-woofer right here, babe.

I highly recommend it... it was a superior movie experience.

On the way back, we noticed something eerie, as we came over the Bay bridge into the city. Roni commented on it first -- the blank bill board with a phone number. Followed immediately by two more that have been blank for awhile. Before the bubble bursting, those boards all had waiting lists, as they ARE on one of the most traveled roads in the Bay Area...the country, even.

Even the ones that LOOK like they have something on them are actually PSA's. I counted 9 as we took the Mission/Fell street exit. Sad...
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