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More Depth and Dead Motorcyclists

Well, I knew it was a bad sign as we came over the summit on nine and spotted the flares. They started about at the point I saw the New Beetle, tires toward the road (long gone by now). They had one way traffic control (bad sign number 2), but even before I came to a stop in front of the fireperson wielding a "stop/slow" sign, I espied a length of yellow covering the road.

"Shit... he's dead."

Michele wasn't so sure: She thought they would have had him at least on a board. I replied that, if the ambulance hadn't yet arrived (it hadn't) and if the boy was dead (I don't know how I knew it was male, I just did) they would have just done what they're doing... cover up the body and do traffic control while the CHP went through the motions of an investigation.

I say "motions" because it looked like it was a solo accident. Probably came flying off that straightaway toward to summit, hit the S curve, lost control, and... well, died. Hopefully on impact -- I can think of a few worse ways of dying over lying in a road, in the twilight... but not many.

I was going to discuss some of the big decisions Michele and I came to tonight, but she's asking for dinner. Brief synopsis: Selling house, moving, staying married, staying in the bay area. Details to come.
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