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The Implosion Continues...

At about Sunday at noon my Centrex ISDN connection suddenly dropped out of existence, leaving a household of three confirmed net addicts in the wilds of Boulder Creek without their drug of choice. Well, at least as we've grown accustomed to it.

Boulder Creek, CA, is a lovely place...towering redwoods, deer wandering by our bedroom window. Ah, the adrenaline pumping experience of waking up to find an eight-point buck gazing upon you through aforementioned window! This was even made even more fascinating by the fact that this window looked out on the front deck.

The trouble with this post-suburban paradise is that the phone lines, in no uncertain terms, suck. The best dial-up can do is 28.8, as long as the fog doesn't roll in and dampen the positively ancient and repeatedly spliced wiring winding its way the five miles as the highway winds from the center of town. Those of you who speak the telephony lingo, that's 5 miles from the Central Office from which all the land lines our ILEC deigns to provide.

Wireless is out, as line of site is almost a humorous anecdote when you live in a mountain valley surrounded by redwoods that average in the height range of 50 meters. Hell, satellite (even if I could afford the steep startup costs) may not be an option...we're lucky to see a glimpse of the sun in winter months, much less the southern sky.

Cable? (Insert Hysterical Laughter Here)

So, ISDN was my only option. After over a year of dealing with 28.8, you feel privileged to pay over twice as much for a tenth of the bandwidth (150.00 a month, if you have a morbid fascination for such things). Only this was a less than orthodox approach, and one that the new parent company was reluctant to provide.

So, they cut us off at the knees. Never mind that the hardware is there, and it's free money at this point...they just don't want to. The representative I spoke with actually admitted that they're going so far as to tear out all of the hardware at the CO. Gah...

Fortunately, PacHell has finally seen the wisdom of flat rate ISDN. This is such a new development there is absolutely NO mention of it on their web-site...it took some hopeful local ISP's, all of whom have extended special offers to former DSHell.net customers, to reveal this stunning new development. Which means I suddenly have all these choices for my new access.

Only PacHell is charging a whopping 180.00 bucks for setup of this account.

(grumbles for a moment)

I don't see anyway around it. I'm a net geek, my wife Michele's girlfriend and my friend Rob's got online classes she signed up for based on tolerable 'Net access, and Michele herself needs to be able to work at home from time to time. So I prepare myself for tomorrow, a fine Monday morning whereupon I shall, in the spirit of George Carlin, prepare myself to be be done unto sans lube by the telecom powers that be.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm looking for work? Since I'm a computer guy, net searches and email contacts are my best bet for achieving employment sometime in the next decade or so...hopefully much sooner.

Headphones are thus on, and I'm cranking the MP3 mix in hopes of reaching some sort of inner calm before sleeping. My dreams have been even more bizarre than usual of late...some so much so that I can only use the imagery if I decide to concoct some new hororotica to completely squick people with. The most disturbing aspect of such dreams is the whole "you play all roles" thing. I once had a therapist who managed to up the ante by pointing out you're not only the one who peoples a dream, but you are the props as well. Think about that the next time you wake up.

As creepy as some of them are, I should start popping them into the mix here...no doubt they'll be far more interesting than my rantings about connecting to the network to download por...er, to find work.

(later, unless I see you sooner)
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