Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Another Hit and Run Entry

Of course, in light of my last entry that might be in poor taste. Deal with it.

I'm so tired I can barely focus. Long day that began horribly, with the sound of Michele crying. Long story short: The Dr. she spent two years developing a relationship with apparently moved to NY three weeks ago. As this is several thousand miles away this puts a crimp in assorted medical plans they had worked out together, and this was a kick to the guts, and understandably so.

Fortunately it turns out his replacement is a saavy medical babe right out of residency that she clicked with immediately, and who had a clue. Before you all get pissed at the aforementioned former medic, he had apparently sent out a letter to all his patients letting them know about the upcoming move... Michele just appparently didn't see it. Perhaps it never arrived... wouldn't be the first time something fell through the cracks during a retro mercury.

I had planned to go into more detail about what was decided Wednesday, only now some of the basic points are sorta fuzzy (like my vision at the moment), so I'll do an update later today after I check in with her.

Roni wore me out tonight. I think that helped a lot with my incipient depression, as I am not depressed NOW. steelmagnoliaca and lavendersage both did lots to hold me together, and Linda Underhill (who seems to be online a lot more often these days, which is a good thing) chatting me up when she did also gave me a lift. I'm a little sad, but it's more a part of the process than a warning sign.

Hugs all around... Yo go boom.
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