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Let's Try Offline Journaling Again!

The last time I tried off-line journaling I wound up losing all my formating... including new lines. Can you imagine me waxing on the way I do, several thousand words... all in one, homogenous chunk? It was beyond annoying, especially since I wound up having to edit several entries to fix the problem.

Of course, that was when OS 9 was still where I "lived", and LJ was still fairly young.

However, before I wiped the iBook drive that ambar gave me, I saw that she was using iJournal. I decided to give it a try, and (so far) am fairly happy with it. Of course, I find myself resisting the temptation to download the source to add a feature or two that I want...like a complete local copy of my journal. Not that expect LJ to go anywhere (at a million users, where the hell would it go?), but I like to have copies of this stuff. But I have enough to worry about.

I like the features that are here... some of the formatting tools, the shortcuts. Hell, the fact that it seamlessly integrates with OS X's spell checking is a major plus for this idiot savant.
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