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Long Week, Short Entry

Strange but true: After no hearing from her since before I started my LJ back in September '01, amara_m suddenly sends me an e-mail. That in and of itself isn't odd. However, since it was an incredibly steamy e-mail dripping with desire, I was somewhat taken aback -- once again my core assumption was challenged, in this case the idea that I hadn't interested her. Of course, it turned out she had an LJ, but I didn't find that out until I mentioned to steelmagnoliaca that she had contacted me. Exercising a scary degree of online navigational skill, she had found Amara's LJ, Yahoo profile, and web site.

She's going to be at pantheacon this weekend. It'll be nice to see her again!

Oh, interesting what things jog loose from one's brain... I have seen her in the last year. Last year I ran into her briefly, I think, at Pantheacon, but she seems a bit distant. Leave it to me to over personalize it.

Saturday I met up with Karin to spend a lovely 24 hour date. It's been since the meltdown in November since I saw her last, so we were BOTH a bit on the pent up side. We talked a lot, snuggled, and generally re-connected.

Sunday I actually got an early start to lavandersage's place. lovingstones was working her way through The Flu, so she sprung for the motel with the tub so that she could soak a bit. Turned out to help a lot, and the eucalyptus and peppermint bath salts went a long way to eliminating that "smokey" tobacco smell those rooms can get.

So Audra and I had a wonderful night, but the next morning I had one of those weird negativity things hit me. It's been awhile since I've had one, and it wasn't long enough. Just didn't want to believe anything good was in my life, trying to push anything that contradicted that away from me (which unfortunately included Audra, who didn't deserve it in the least). I finally snapped out of it, with her help, and felt shell shocked for the remainder of the day.

Meanwhile, on the home front, the Tivo apparently died a horrible death. It had been making awful "clank" noises (which geeks will tell you is a bad sign. Hard drives shouldn't be audible several rooms away, at least not if they've been manufactured in the last 5 years) and sporting the dreaded Green Screen of Death every few hours, but it was still recording and playing back. Michele wisely pulled it out of the AV chain and sat it on the couch, and I ordered an 80 gig drive as a replacement (under 100 bucks. Amazing). I thought this was a good opportunity to give Michele and Rob more space on the Tivo, since the expansion drive I had added in 3 and a half years ago (60 gigs that cost nearly 300 when it was purchased!) was not the one failing. That would be the original equipment, a 14 Gb Quantum for those interested in such things. If all goes well, I figured the extra 70 odd hours of recording time would come in handy.

When I got home Monday (bearing Philly Cheese-steak Sandwiches for Rob and Michele) I thought that ordering that drive had been especially prudent. Michele was already jonesing for the ability to skip commercials and pause live TV -- you don't realize how much you NEED features like that until you use them for awhile...and then don't have them anymore. Since I have my own in my room, plus the RePlay I gave Roni many moons ago, it's become almost unbearable for me to deal with non-PVR'd systems anymore. As it is I'll have to make sure Audra and Eileen get one soon. :-P

(I did manage to pull 15 episodes of "Bear in the Big Blue House" before the Tivo died last week, filling three video tapes for Eileen's pleasure)

Now, here's something even non-geeks can appreciate: I took the Tivo downstairs to me laboratory for hideous scientific experiments (yanking the cover off to see which drive had in fact died, though I was certain it was the older of the two drives), and sure enough, the damn thing refused to fail.

At all.

After several hours of waiting until the drives had a chance to heat up a bit, I decided to bring it up and plug it back into the chain and have Michele go crazy with the recording. It STILL hasn't died, which has left me scratching my head a bit. My best guess is that the hardware problem was heat related, and once the system had a chance to cool down awhile, the problem corrected itself. The insides were infested with dust bunnies, so anything's possible.

Well, the drive is on it's way, so if it decides to die in a week or so, the stage has been set to fix everything up. The ladies (Rob says she doesn't like being referred to as "the girls" for a variety of good reasons) are already digging on having it back.

Last night I got a bug to track down the group that did the music for Levi's "Stampede" ad. I find the ad inexplicably engrossing, and wanted to see if the complete piece was as good as it sounded. After much mucking about I googled a site that consisted of a bunch of generation Y kvetching about how stupid the ad was. Amongst the bitch-fest effluvium was a comment that the music was taken from a song called "Summer" by a scottish rock/punk/art hybrid called mogwai. Despite the dial-up I scored a few pieces, including the one I'm tapping the keys to now.

Today I received an e-mail from Roni wanting to know if the room reservation could be cancelled. Needless to say I was concerned -- come to find that the issue is that she's not sure if she can pay herself this week because [name withheld] managed to lose a change drawer containing 700 bucks. Well, he didn't exactly LOSE it -- he left it in an open safe or something and it was stolen. After talking with Valerie we're NOT canceling the room, and plan to make sure that she pays herself BEFORE [he who will not be named] is.

Which brings us to now. At the sound of the tone, Yohannon's life will be where it is. (BONG)
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