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Holiday Hell, A Quick Synopsis, and "Where are my Drugs?"

Well, so much to update after such a long absence. In the words of the cliche, where the HELL do I begin?

First, I had to take some time and think. After the last bit of unpleasantness, I had to wonder about my priorities a bit. As I did, people whom I hadn't heard from in ages began contacting me, seemingly at random...even a few who had pretty much vowed never to speak to me again. They actually *apologized* to me, which was funny, as I had pretty much convinced myself of my guilt in each case of alienation.

I even made peace with the insane racoons...spent an evening hanging out with them on the back deck, feeding them some cat food and chatting. Turns out they just had a REALLY bad summer. The one who growled at me in the earlier incident even came up and tugged at my shirt, before going and playing with its companions. Someone call disney, I think I have something a hell of a lot better than "Return to Neverland" for them.

On the job front, things are starting to pick up a bit...I have a line on something through e-bay, and I've (finally!) started to get nibbles again. I'm worried about my friend Terry...I haven't heard back from him in weeks, not since he said he wanted to do lunch with me "next week"...and that was three weeks ago. My only consolation is that boy is as hyper as I am, and is (no doubt) trying to work a deal. If he pulls it off, I have a job.

Worst case, Roni has lined up a gig doing data input for me, on terms that I wouldn't do for anyone but someone I loved...fortunately, the take home is double what I'm getting for unemployment.

Michele and I had a long talk last night about money, and we're both actually pretty satisfied (NOT "happy", mind you...satisfied) about how things went. I mean, I've been off work now since April 2, 2001, and we're managing to NOT go into debt. We're not even living that badly, as things go. If anything, it's made us realize what our priorities are, and how to make better reserves and such. She felt like we could have been saving something like 30K a year between the two of us...I had to remind her we had been pushing a lot of cash into 401K plans, so it wasn't like we were hopeless spend thrifts. Not to mention the fact that we have virtually no credit card debt, and even our mortgage is fairly reasonable.

An interesting side note: based on info I can't go into to deeply, She might be working in SF in the next year. Ambar might be working in SF too. If I score a gig in SF, we might want to move to Woodside (especially with BART going to Burlingame soon...I should check and see exactly when that service starts...early '02, I thought) from Boulder Creek. With housing prices in Santa Cruz being stable, and the prices in places like Woodside dropping like rocks, it could be the perfect time to make the jump to a larger place, without sacrificing the woods. She also thought Pacifica would be nice, but Pacifica gives me the willies for some reason...maybe it's a premonition, maybe I'm just being silly.

Elizabeth dropped me a note today...Goddess, I miss her. I'll probably give her a call this afternoon, If only to catch up. She's been getting a lot of mail about her seat belt crusade to make it a requirement for car manufacturers to offer seat belt extenders for their vehicles (she got a spread in People and Articles in USA Today and the NY Times...not bad for a novice :). The NHTSA was supposed to issue a ruling or something recently, but I suspect it's been delayed because of 911.

Ah, the holidays. Being pagan doesn't keep me from having that yearly reaction to my past life during familial wartime: No matter how much I work at it, I still seem to get wonky this time of year. At least now I recognize it for what it is, and avoid taking it out on other people as much as possible. I've discovered warning people in advance helps too, because if *I* forget, other people can remind me.

Well, gotta run...I have to run into town and pick up some meds (including a scrip for Ambien, which I *will* need over the next month). January can't get here soon enough.
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