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A Quick Comment

Well, I came home from Pantheacon (more on that later) to find that some dickless wonder decided to show off his complete lack of musical ability by posting a link to a particularly onerous song trying to troll for a reaction by attacking the Rotunda, yours truly specifically, and fat people in general. Aside from displaying a remarkable lack of imagination (or perhaps he thought he couldn't get away with attacking blacks, asians, jews or [insert obvious group here]), he also has apparently "hijacked" an LJ account to post a comment here (the hijacked account was veryruud, unused since May 2002) with a link to aforementioned noise (it would be an insult to the friends I have with talent to call it "music").

Well, bright boy was probably just looking for some free attention. If that's the best (or worst) he can do, he won't get much, even from the more sensitive in the audience.

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