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Humorous Troll Mongering (and Other Fun Things To Do on a Holiday)

You know, it's pretty sad. The youth of america are WAY too easy to manipulate. The last post flushed out a few facts about our "troll" (trolls, actually):

- They're mindless parrots of party line health "facts" that many in the medical profession know not to be true. Oh, they also wanted to make sure that the people on my site weren't fat, they were OBESE, as if this distinction meant anything. I guess they didn't know where to go, since I wasn't using a euphemism for "fat" to begin with. It must not have occurred to them that if fat wasn't going to get my goat, then obese (being a reference, of course, to the medical term "morbidly obese") somehow would. Right.

- They didn't bother reading any of my pieces about the dangers of feeding and excessive weight gain.

- They're equally clueless about the dangers of excessive weight LOSS as well.

- One claimed that, at a mere 215 pounds, that he was excessively over weight. Of course, that's how much *I* weigh. True, he's 4 inches shorter than I am... but I hardly would consider that weight excessive.

- Several of the posts were obviously from the same person. Online schizophrenia at it's finest! Another interesting facet is that almost all the accounts were registered "free" users. I should drop the LJ Powers That Be a note, asking for the ability to draw a distinction between free and paid registered users. Of course, worst case I would just close the comments to "non-friends", but I'd like to avoid that if I can.

- Since I deleted the comment AND the link, and made no reference to who posted the item or where the song was, it's obvious they're trying to drown out the crazy perverts meanderings by gathering together their fellow drones (another good description of the noise in question) by sheer numbers. Of course, at this point we're talking about 2 to 6 people (depending on how many other hijacked accounts are involved), so I'm not too worried.

After 25 years on the 'Net, it would take a lot more than a few examples of the persistent vegetive state to suppress this madman. Oh, and if any of the twits are reading this now, please note -- I don't care if you shit in your own back yard. It's just rude when you drop trou in mine to expound as you see fit on your own shallow agendas with no real regard for debate. That's why I deleted/banned y'all. After all, you don't see me gathering up my minions to infiltrate and infect where ever you might be participating in a back slapping circle jerk of your own, whether it's the Pro-Ana movement (ewww), the feeders (ewww, squared) or whatever hole the so-called DRA (Dickless Retarded Assholes?) crawled out of.


Wow...in the mere 30 odd minutes since I posted this, I got yet ANOTHER comment from some moron accusing me of being a "pantywaist" for deleting the trolls. Just FYI: When a bunch of teenagers call me names, I consider it more amusing than a reason to "reconsider my life's path" (or whatever else it is that y'all seem to want to get out of this). Not only should I have the ability to restrict comments from paid versus free members, I think I'd like to restrict it to people who have at least 21 years under their belts.

I often argue against automatically respecting someone because of their class, age, or position. This doesn't mean that I instantly DISRESPECT them, it's a matter of reserving my blind faith in their opinions or commands until I am certain they are worthy of it. In this case, it looks like you all have a lot of growing up to do before you'll even be worthy of respecting ME.

Good luck, kids. Remember... Karma's a bitch. And she's got this really mean bull whip, and knows how to use it.

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