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PantheaCon Naught 3 - The Prequel

Well, after the whirlwind of the last week (give or take a day) I guess the time has come for yours truly to immortalize the event. First, the day before (Thursday, 2.13.03):

I managed to accomplish a hell of a lot on thursday, mostly in the morning. I packed, got the car's AM radio working again (LONG story.... suffice it to say it was a modification that went awry), and even managed to vacuum out the car before picking up steelmagnoliaca at San Jose. Of course, I was late when the plane arrived early, with literally NO baggage claim delay. Thus we satisfy the laws of Murphy.

Val and I had a lovely afternoon and evening, with Roni joining us later in the evening. I guess the most remarkable thing about that night was how comfy it all was...especially after the boys wandered off for their own weekend hysteria.

Friday was mostly a matter of getting Roni all packed up and ready to go, but even with sleeping in and taking our time to get everything loaded up, we were on our way to San Jose by 1 ish. We stopped at Mimi's cafe on the way (a Valerie favorite) to grab some lunch. It was with some amusement that I noted that I was the one wearing a skirt... both Val and Roni were wearing pants.

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