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A Day Later (or, Dammit, LJ's Down...)

(dammit... the damn iJournal client is crashing on me. Just lost a bit of this last post. Oh well...)

We made it to the Red Tree Double Lion without any incident, and checked into the tenth floor suite the girls had gotten me as a birthday pressie. As far as I'm concerned it was well worth the money spent, if only for this wonderful tub:

Rubber Duckey, You're The One!

Of course, the disadvantage of not having anyone else immediately handy to take a picture resulted in the lack of any shots of all THREE of us in the tub. A shame, really, as I'm sure it was quite a sight. At least steelmagnoliaca managed to snap off this one:

Yo Is All Foamy!

The suds, by the way, are courtesy of Body and Baths Juniper green stuff (you can see the bottle on the left hand side of the pics), brought by Valerie. Combined with the tubs aerated jacuzzi action, we had our own personal foam party! Woohoo!

Speaking of party's, my birthday party turned out to be a lot of fun. Linda Thomas, Karin, Amara, Audra, Roni and Valerie were there. Kathleen, Gwen and Ambar couldn't make it due to exhaustion, and Pat lost her wallet (she called earlier in the day to send her regrets...but has promised me a rain check). I already knew Chris was tied up with a friends, and kshandra was stuck in the city. Much food and drink was imbibed, and the birthday cards were incredibly sweet. Oh, and Linda gave me this wonderful necklace she had made herself.

Okay, I have to run... I'll finish up the account of the weekend later.
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