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G'wan, Fly A Kite... I Dare Ya!

Yesterday Roni and I went to see DareDevil. Not bad... I was familiar with the comic when I was in college, and they were remarkably true to the story arcs. I had to give them credit there.

On the way out of the Metreon Roni fell in love with a ladybug kite that the Discovery store had in the window. We went into the store, and discovered the kite was only 20 bucks. Sure, things are tight... but I saw that look in her eye, and I made her buy the darn thing. She had some odd idea that it would be something she could hang in her room -- she was a bit taken aback at the notion that she could actually FLY it.

The next day, we went to grab some lunch, so some shopping, and (since the weather was remarkable... it hit 70 at one point) I drove down to the marina by fort Mason, which has obscene amounts of free parking and one of the most incredible views in the world. We flew the kite for about an hour (it's called an "easy flyer" for a darn good reason), and she was so tickled by seeing her ladybug fly... it was worth every cent of that 20 dollars just for the look on her face.

Here's some photographic evidence:

Go Fly a Kite!

Golden Gate Sunset

Tonight I hooked up the DVD player steelmagnoliaca and I splurged for her entertainment. It's a good thing we got it for her... Gene got her the entire first season of Buffy on DVD, Noe got her Beauty and the Beast, and I had gotten her Goldmember for solstice. True, she could play them on the iMac... but she didn't like to watch them like that. The player came in so far under budget I also got her the first season of 24 on DVD as well.

All this, and three straight nights of vibrating hitachi goodness for the b-day girl. Not bad!

Yes, I know this is sorta out of sequence... so sue me.
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