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Before It Gets Much Later...

So, let me see if I can capture the spirit of the LAST weekend before it slips away:

So, Saturday was our designated "con" day. We had pretty much decided that getting the full convention registration was not practical, as everything I wanted to do was Saturday anyway (the dance, drum circle, and the ever present dealers room). This turned out to be the best way to go.

During the day I ran into Maeve, this incredibly cute black girl I had met the year before. We chatted a bit in the dealer room, and walked together for a bit. She mentioned she was heading off to try and catch the polyamorous singles meet and greet, which I dutifully filed away under the heading of "WOOHOO!".

The dance was a absolute and total BLAST. I got to experience the odd feeling of trying to find a rhythm whilst wearing a kilt (the workman's Utilikilt have these big side pockets that tend to swing wildly at times, which made for interesting balance issues), finally hooked up with brigideire, and had the lovely/bizarre experience of tango-ing with kshandrato Tom Leher's "Masochism Tango", at one point falling back on the floor in mock abasement, only to remember I was wearing a kilt the way it was meant to be worn...i.e. sans underwear. Thus, a full corner of the ball room discovered a more literal meaning for that term (with apologies to AC/DC).

The Drumming later was GREAT. We started out with over 50 drummers, but the wimpy and those with previous engagements wandered off after about an hour. When things finally came to a close, we still had about 20 odd drummers (well, we're ALWAYS odd, eh?) and I could actually close my hand.

I managed to crawl back to the room where, despite the fact it was almost 2 am, both Roni and steelmagnoliaca were awake and in the tub, the remnants of a bit of silliness still evident. It seems the two of them were having fun with canned frosting... you know, the kind you use to add decoration to cakes? They had discovered that it tends to stain skin, giving them a bit of an odd pink flush... it's a good thing they hadn't used green or blue frosting.

Knowing a good thing when I see one, I joined them in the tub, which was even frothier than the last time.

The Next Morning:

We got all packed up by checkout, and I got to make several people VERY happy by bringing my leftover B-day cake to the hospitality suite, manned (or womanned, actually) by this hot babe named Sally. I had almost half of a Cheesecake Factory edible nirvana for the taste buds to endow. It was only dumb luck that almost all the really cute babes I didn't already know where in the suite when I came in and said "Does anyone here like cheesecake?" Suddenly I was very popular.

Roni and Val had both scheduled time on the table of Bill, The Witch Doctor. Bill is a miracle worker when it comes to chiropractic, and he does really well with fat babes. Valerie had never experienced chiro before, and is now (as far as I can tell) a believer. I think she proposed marriage 5 minutes into a 30 minute session... at the end of a 60 she might have begged him for the honor of bearing his children. Having been in the same position, I don't think that's necessarily hyperbole.

While I was wandering around I ran into Maeve again, and we wound up spending some time by the pool chatting at length. She wanted to know more about the whole poly thing, and "how it worked". I tried to explain it the best I could, and somehow we both discovered we were hot for one another. No, nothing happened (other than a really nice hug when I had to take my leave to meet up with the ladies), but it's always nice to know that I can still have fun flirting.

BTW, she (a 28 year old) guessed which birthday I was celebrating -- 32. Since I was sitting in the full sunlight, I have to think that the light must have blurred her vision somehow.

Oh, and I wanted to be sure to write down something I said when trying to explain my philosophy regarding religion, and why fundamentalists bothered me. Let's see if I can re-capture this:

"To me, religious texts and other methods of conveying morals and ethics are not the center of religion, nor the source of my belief. They serve as a form of negative space that fills the borders and outlines of what already exists in the core of my being, giving it it's shape but not it's substance. That is my issue with fundies; they see books and the word of the hierophant as the destination, not the journey."

Sometimes the things that I say blow me away. Like "Wow, when did I get so smart?"

Roni, Val and I went to get a late lunch on the way to the city... and that's most of the pantheacon 2003 experience for me. I know I'm forgetting a ton of stuff (reconnecting with ANOTHER Valerie unexpectedly, getting to see Nettie and Janelle, Reva, and so on), but I'm sure it'll all come out eventually.
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