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Hit and Run Entry Regarding Weight Loss Surgery

Anyone who knows me knows I despise two things closely tied to the size acceptance movement - Feeders (who get severely pilloried on my site one way or another) and Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). The latter has always confused the hell out of me, as it seems to enjoy the support of the same medical professionals who decry the dangers of bulimia... and yet, WLS is essentially medically sanctioned bulimia.

People who are conned into WLS are rarely given the full details of the dangers involved. However, when I try to point those dangers out to people who have made a decision to have WLS, including the simple, if anecdotal, fat that most of the people I know who have had WLS performed are either sick, have regained the weight, or are dead, I am accused of trying to somehow maintain a steady supply of my particular perversion.

Fortunately, every now and then I run across an article like This One, well outside the size acceptance or fat admiration "bias" that seems to automatically disqualify my concerns.

WLS is simply assisted suicide through medical mutilation. It just takes longer than a visit to Dr. Kevorkian.
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