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I Went To Ohio...

...Dayton, to be precise.

Do you think I would KID about something like that? Yes, Ohio, in February. Admittedly LATE February, but... I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Last night about 9:20 ish whilst enjoying the "Nude States" documentary on the Tivo (catch it if you can... it's MARVELOUS) the phone rings. After 9 PM a ringing phone is probably not a good sign, but it's still in that grey area.

It was lavendersage, literally beyond hysterics. In fact, for a minute I was having a hard time figuring out who it was (hey, the phone distorts at those volumes). After talking her down a bit, I get the gist -- her father is dying, and she needed me.

lovingstones, her wife, was a lot calmer, but also seemed to think I needed to be there. So Michele (who is a saint... but you already knew that, as she IS married to ME) pretty much said "Go!" and I went. Got there in under an hour, without speeding... from Boulder Creek to Hayward. Not bad.

I don't think I'll go into much detail of last night, as it was mostly ritual magick and hysteria control, but the bottom line is her step mother waited a day and a half to call her (the man's only daughter) that he had gone down with Pneumonia early Monday, was on a respirator (bad sign number one). At my suggestion (well, Michele's really) she called the hospital, and discovered that his kidneys had also failed. Apparently the man, a fundamentalist, was utterly convinced that God had cured his diabetes.

Folks, I believe in magick. So does Michele, for that matter. But I still go in for check-ups, and Michele still takes insulin and checks her blood sugar. Bad enough the boy was out there, shoveling snow, with a flu -- the incremental damage from years of high blood sugar is pretty intense.

Eileen is having serious issues around this, so she couldn't go. Add to that the simple fact that she's in the middle of a major project at work, I was a fairly obvious choice to take care of things a bit. After a bit of panicky changing of plans (Karin and Roni are BOTH owed dinner, big time) and some pretty wild scheduling, everything is set. We fly out tonight from San Jose, at around 11 PM. We get back Sunday. Am I a bit dazed at the moment, considering this week was insomnia week to begin with? Yeah-huh.

Right now I'm finishing some frantic packing, loading up the portable with movies, digging up my winter boots, and about to take a quick shower. Audra is upstairs, doing MUCH better on happy pills (also packed). I have an article due Friday, but Barbara (my editor, and ANOTHER saint) will understand, especially since I can write it on the trip and send it back when I return if dial-up or other network options are slim.

BTW, if you're curious how much a last second flight for two people to Dayton, OH costs, including round trip airfare, car rental for three and a half days, and hotel costs... around 600 bucks. Off-season travel rules!

If I get on the net, I'll report from Ohio. Otherwise, see y'all Sunday!
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