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Return of the Son Of the Revenge of the Kamikazee Freezer Ants (and Yohannon from Dayton, Ohio)

I'm back. I'm so full of posting goodness, it'll be DAYS before I finish. Audra is okay, her father (I'm sad to say) isn't, though he's still technically alive. A LOT more on that later.

Oh, the ants are a bizarre situation at her apartment in Hayward... it seems every month or so they get the odd idea that they can get the food in the freezer, only they freeze and die in these little mounds. As far as I cant ell it's probably one really dumb ant, and the others keep trying to save their brethren or something.

Hugs to all y'all that have thought about me (and lavendersage) whilst I was gone.
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