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Where's The "Fun" in "Fundementalism"?

So I'm home at last. Santa Cruz, California, all of it. I can't tell you how much I dislike being away from the west coast for any length of time, especially considering the negaative circumstances.

lavendersage's father was in pretty bad shape when we got to the hospital. I'll sum up a lot (as I'm sure she'll have a lot to say herself), but suffice it to say that, if I didn't already have severe issues with fundementalists, I would now. Turns out that his wife and he were convinced that their god had cured his diabetes, so it wasn't the reason he was in a sugar coma when he got to the hospital with a blood sugar reading well over 700. Saavy readers know that "normal" ranges from 80 to 120. You usually hit a coma around 600.

So, he had pneumonia, kidney failure from years of neglecting the disease he was supposedly cured of, possible stroke, was on a respirator and (as if that weren't enough) he had a cardiac arrest on his way to get an MRI, which took more then 20 minutes to bring him back from. Audra got there before the arrest, when he was still showing some signs of still being in his body. Afterwards we're talking about pupils fixed and dialated, unresponsive to light.

Of course, if he dies now it'll be Audra's fault for not believing enough and joining the vigil full of hymns, prayers and speaking in tongues that they were all still indulging in when we left Sunday. No, I don't exagerate.

On the lighter side there was plenty for me and Audra to talk about while there. I got to see her old stomping grounds, and found some things about Dayton that could be called fun. Some highlights:

A hand drawn sign in the front yard of one house inscribed "Unassembled snowman for sale: CHEAP!"

A sign proclaiming the dates for a "Flea N Tique" show.

A visit to the Wright Brothers bicycle shop:

It'll Never Fly

Drive through liquor stores and beer "To Go".

Audra making the comment in a crowded drug store that I should get a second box of condoms because she didn't think 6 would be enough.

There's a lot more, but I'm pretty tired. I'll get to it tomorrow, I hope.
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