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You Have GOT To Be KIDDING...

If only I were. I saw this on gtpooh's LJ, and followed the link:

In which someone gets arrested for wearing a tee shirt at a mall.

This was endlessly disturbing. First off, he BOUGHT the tee shirt in the same mall. The shirt was not what I'd call a work of art (simple black letters on a white shirt), but neither was it inflammatory or obscene. That police actually compared a MALL to someone's private house was a bit scary: While it's true that such places can have it's own internal rules (if you ever get to the Metreon in SF, check out the rules of conduct some time. Yes, I also read EULA's too. I'm a sick man), care should be made in how they're enforced -- especially since pissing off the wrong people WILL get you sued, no matter how "right" you think you are to refuse service. Even if you won, the bad PR could cripple you.

Sure, a private house... with thousands of people walking through several wide open entrances and a parking lot. Uh-huh.

Winning is hardly assured, in any case: Remember that mess Denny's got into awhile back by forcing blacks to pay in advance, or refusing to serve them outright? I can see an argument that ALL tee-shirts supporting either side could be banned, but if they just went after this guy because they didn't like his views, it could get messy.

An attorney. They actually were stupid enough to push a LAWYER around. Idiots. If they have any brains at all they'll drop the charges and back way the fuck off.
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