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Seen in Another Journal...

Maybe it's the sense that it's a quiet day, with no crises on the horizon (knocks on his head wood), but this pic found on gtpooh's page was too hysterical to let pass:

ambar spent the night last night. It had been a couple of months, and she had asked me last Friday if she could crash here. The original plan was that she would sleep in, but a muck up involving her coursework at foothill college required that she rouse herself at 8:30. Poor thing. It was nice to spend some time chatting, snuggling and so forth with her. She paid me the highest compliment when I inquired as to what she's like to do: "Spend three hours or so doing that [having sex], except that I'd be trashed in the morning."

Monday was mostly spent at lavendersage and lovingstones' place. I basically cleaned their kitchen for money. It was an odd feeling, doing work that in some ways I would do for free... but they had come up with this plan to help eliminate the awkwardness I feel about accepting things from them for free. I know, people out there say I'm a generous sort when I'm flush, but after two years (in just two weeks that's how long it'll have been... ick) I'm starting to chafe a bit.

I spent four hours on the job. Audra keeps saying how horrible their housecleaning has been of late, and I just shake my head and try to explain to her the difference of being a bit untidy because the both of them work, and the outright slobbery (wow, that's actually a word!) that I've personally encountered. I think a lot of their housecleaning frustration was also linked to their vacuum cleaner being verklemt all that time -- fixing that for them has already made a BIG difference in the quality of their carpet fluffiness.

Had a really weird dream last night that resulted in a couple of bizarre ideas. One of them might be patentable, so I won't go into details here (it comes under the category of "holy shit, why hasn't anyone ELSE thought of it). The other was an odd idea for a story that I might have to write. Even asleep my imagination works overtime. Gotta love it.
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