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Just For The Record...

I would like to make a few things clear, much in the way I've seen it done in several other journals.

I don't blame the soldiers who are being forced to fight this war. They've been handed a bullshit deal by the usurping sycophant who, through judicial fiat, was placed in the supreme rank of this country. However, silencing protest or disagreement with this man who would be emperor is NOT what I would consider "support". Doing everything in my power to keep them alive includes stopping or at least keeping the duration of this little tiff between the Shrub and Saddam to an absolute minimum. This is in spite of the fact that a prolonged conflict would essentially destroy Bush and, almost as an after thought, the Republican party that rubber stamped it -- even something to devoutly to be desired isn't worth so high a cost.

This stance is NOT treason, as some republican senators have had the temerity to dub it, albeit indirectly (yet not subtly). Carefully crafted opinion polls, outright propaganda, and other bright lights designed to distract the hoi-polloi simply aren't having any effect on an increasingly large portion of the population. If you've actually bought INTO this crap, please don't bother responding: I do not believe a word our government says.

I am put in a bit of a dilemma. I honestly would prefer equilibrium returned to the political process, that lovely stagnation that insured that, even if they were unable to improve things, they weren't able to make them any worse. The Dems are no freaking better than the Republicans, and in many ways are far WORSE. I pray I live to see the day when both parties are long gone, and somebody... I don't care who it is... has the balls to remember that the government isn't a parent, it's a referee whose sole purpose is to guarantee that INDIVIDUAL rights are protected, not groups, organizations... or even the government itself.

People are surprised when I don't support hate crime legislation. The automatic assumption is that, OF COURSE a bisexual pervert pagan would support laws like those. My contention is that such laws never make up for the abuses of the past, and the damage that such laws do in creating a class of people as "special" or deserving greater protection diminishes our strength by isolating us from the mainstream.

Assimilation? Hell no. Being treated as equals. But a lot of those battles are being swept up by this same war hysteria, mixed up and tossed aside, all so Bush can destroy the United Nations. Think about it: He knew that the UN would never go for "preemptively" approving the attack of a nation with no provocation. It's just not a good precedent to make. He solves so many pesky international problems by setting this situation up. After all, the UN can't DO anything about the invasion -- any vote, if it ever came to that, would be vetoed just as handily as the resolution that was never given the chance to fail. "You can't fire me... I quit!" The US can then justify the same "go it alone" yippie ki fucking yea cowboy shit any time it feels like it.

So we're going to start the Pax Americana by disrupting the Opec machine. What will member countries DO if Iraq starts pumping more oil in favor for their US masters? I have to wonder what the Saudi's are thinking allowing any of it to happen. Of course, here's one for the conspiracy buffs: The Saudi's could've sold out for fear that it might be pointed out that Saudi money and citizen's were behind 9/11, and that the US might come after THEM. Let's toss Iraq to the common curs to drain dry. Never mind that it never had a single connection to 9/11.

No matter what happens, it's going to get uglier before it gets better. Just to make it as crystal, I support our troops, but not this war. It is NOT being done in my name, or the name of the US, it's being done to allow Bushie Baby to feel like a big, grown man.

Thanks... I feel a little better now.
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