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Iraq Go "Boom!"

Well, that didn't take long.

It's been pointed out to me that the American Invasion is being paced in such a way as to allow for mass defections to take place. People will be killing each other for white flags before the end of the week.

Thinking on my recent post regarding the war, I realized that I could hope for a really quick and relatively bloodless conflict. Imagine trying to justify the threat posed to us by a country that folded like a cheap suit even before the first shots were fired (17 major surrenders, I think it comes out to). Imagine further the possibility that, even after we take control of the country for the foreseeable future, we STILL can't find those weapons of mass destruction (or WOMD's. Think "The Princess Bride"). Bush looks even MORE the impatient, brazen bully than he already does.

hermorrine's LJ notes that her mother was concerned about her coming trip to England -- that a lot of people there are angry with Blair for siding with Bush. She seems to think that anger extends to Americans. I have a good feeling that the British know that this country is no more thrilled with this mess than they are... the only American's at risk in the UK would be the members of the executive branch.

Anyway, pray this ends sooner than later.
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