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War Puppies of the Apocalypse

Well, interesting how things are going thus far.

In SF, things are a MESS. I was just talking to Roni on the phone, and since she works in the State building across from the Civic Center, she's got a ring side seat as the Federal Building (right next door, really) is under siege (those are the words used by the local gendarmes), and intersections are being randomly shut down.

dexocracy was all pissed because the idiot networks are giving this such coverage. Personally I wouldn't mind if there was something other than the spoon fed edu-tainment passing as "news". Okay, maybe I'd still be a bit crabby about it: We have news channels these days, after all. If something REALLY important happens, THEN break in. Pictures of cruise missiles being fired and sand being pounded (or people being pounded into the sand) aren't news. They're a tragic waste of time and money, but not news.

Pray for me: I'm heading over to lovingstones' and lavendersage's place. Hopefully things will die down in SF long enough for me to get to Roni's...
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