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"Suddenly, a shot rang out..."

Actually, about 5 shots. That's my best guess, though it didn't seem like anyone was wounded/killed (the response time in those things is usually incredible if anyone gets hit). However, later in the evening (as Roni and I lounged in the living room watching the Bourne Identity DVD) there was this literally earth shaking "bang". We looked at one another, puzzled. I think my initial hesitation was due to the beefy surround sound system one of her Roomies (Darwin) has installed -- I figured that the sub woofer had more punch than I realized.

Actually, it turned out to be a bit of a nasty accident in the intersection of MacAllister and Webster, whereupon a Mercedes had run the light and clipped a van. Part two of confusion: The total lack of brakes squealing. After all, that distinctive "sqeeeeeeeeeeeeee-BOOM" can rarely be taken for anything else. In other words, the mercedes never even tried to stop.

I felt sorry for the owner of the green truck parked on the far corner, which got seriously nailed. Within two minutes paramedics were on scene, cops within 3. Both driver and passenger in the Mercedes were back boarded and taped and piled into an ambulance. The passengers of the mini van all walked away. The front end of the mercedes was folded all the way back to the windshield, but there was still no reason why they should be as injured as they were... unless they weren't wearing belts at the time.

Roni made a comment that if I had installed the webcam I keep threatening to install in her room overlooking the intersection we could just scroll it back to see what happened. I'm starting to think that would be fun to do, especially considering some of the "fun" that occurs out there on a regular basis.
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