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And You Thought Satellite Lags Were Bad...

</i>"Work is continuing on delay-tolerant networks, or networks that can stretch across continents or planets. One of the first projects will involve setting up Internet nodes on Mars. "There is a whopping delay between here and Mars, let me tell you," said David Tennenhouse, director of research at Intel."</i>

The first thing that I thought of was, why not set up one on the moon first? Sure, the delay is only a few seconds... but I think that would be a bit easier than the several MINUTES it would take a signal to travel between ourselves and Mars.

Ran into this as part of a story linked to by this story about Sony's new robots. I remember only 10 years ago hearing the "experts" proclaim that humanoid robots would be decades away, if ever. Imagine combining this technology with those high tech love dolls I've seen on the net. Think it won't happen? When it comes to sex, it will.

ambar spent the night last night, snuggling and talking about the things that vex us. In my case, it's this ongoing sense of futility that I can't seem to shake off. I think I need to do something radical to break the spell, perhaps a trip to Mt. Shasta (the last time I felt this stuck heading up there actually HELPED).
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