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Alternative News Fun

You know, it's amazing to me the sheer hypocrisy of the US, and the propaganda media machine now under it's control. I was dismayed to learn that one of the alternate news sources I had JUST begun to follow, The Yellow Times, was shut down for displaying "inappropriate graphic content". Child porn? Copyrighted material?

No... images of american POW's.

People wonder why I try to run my own servers whenever I can, rather than using the freely available resources on the net. Simply put, a lot of hosting services can claim to be the on-line equivalent of Kinkos and sharply limit what the content you may be allowed to print, regardless of what you paid for. And yes, this IS censorship -- this isn't like the Times refusing to publish your material, it's another party arbitrarily removing your ability to publish because they disagree with the information.

The part that makes me livid is that CNN see nothing wrong with showing Iraqi POW's on the basis that "their families aren't watching" (an actual quote from CNN). Excuse me? This is the network Hussein himself was watching back in '91 during the FIRST Gulf War... 12 years later CNN is fairly even more entrenched. Oh, and the idea that a lot of Iraqi's are living in this country might be families as well never dawned on them.

Anyway, as gtpooh noted in her LJ, www.aljazeerah.info is online after alleged Denial of Service (DoS) attacks earlier in the week took them out. I figure we'll get less re-processed crap doled out there. In the mean time I want to see if the guy running the Yellow Times need another place to post.
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