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Sudden Awakefulness

The question is, what the hell am I doing up so damn early?

Well, the good news about it is it ISN'T a case of yours truly staying awake all night long (again). In fact, I managed to go to sleep before 1 AM today, so at least I have 5 hours sleep under the belt. Roni and Karin are both crashed out on the bed while I slept on the feather bed on the floor (not perfect, but at least my back feels pretty good). They're both pretty big, and while I have managed to sleep on the bed with the two of them for short periods of time, I'm simply too restless a sleeper sometimes for that to work.

Roni was up about 90 minutes ago, suffering from what looks to be a mild case of food poisoning. Of course, that's still major spewage from either end, though it looks like she managed to evict the culprit (allegedly the cobb salad with chicken she had at lunch). She's resting well now.

I love watching them sleep... they both look so damn peaceful.

Our big adventure for saturday consisted of heading down to that park next to Fort Mason and flying kites. Yes, plural: I spotted these cheap, yet kinda nifty kites for sale at CostCo Friday, so we bought two. One was this goofy purple cow (Roni's choice), while I picked up a spinning box style kite. The cow gave us some trouble (it was one of those multiple section kites that get tangled if you cross your eyes at it). However, in a remarkable example of cooperation we finally managed to get in untangled, and off it went galloping into the sky. The spinner was a lot easier to put together, and it lofted up easily.

Initially Karin flew the cow while Roni flew her ladybug kite, but the Cow was not as easy to fly as the box so Karin and I swapped. At one point the ladybug got away from Roni when she dropped her line after a well timed gut of wind, but this black dude built like a line backer took off after it and managed to snag it (to the general applause of those of us gathered there).

It was an AMAZINGLY pretty day -- even by the bay it was in the mid seventies. In fact, it felt more like summer last night than early spring, especially here in SF.

Friday evening I cooked dinner for Roni, using the asparagus that Michele had tossed me on Thursday (she knew she wasn't going to get around to eating it while Rob is off in the wonderful land of London for about a week. Yes, terrible timing... but they were originally planning on going to Paris, if I remember correctly. Imagine being an American in Paris in April...2003. Right).

It may be the early morning talking, but I seem to remember it was Spider Robinson who once pointed out that we never notice the extraordinary until it fails us. The example he used was a watch battery, rated for about a year's use, that finally died. After five years. In the US I honestly think we've become so damn complacent about a lot of the miracles that surround us. For example, I honestly can't remember that last time I walked into a kitchen and had trouble with the oven, even in places that probably should be condemned. So, when I went to broil some steaks, it never occurred to me to check to see if the oven was actually heating up. I blithely went on my way trying to time the rice pilaf and asparagus so that it was a) hot and b) not over cooked when the steak would be done.

Imagine my surprise when I went to toss the steak in only to find that appliance as cold as the counter top.

Fortunately, I managed to figure out how to bake the darn things. They tasted more like a roast (no duh!), but were juicy and tender enough to cut with a butter knife. Oh, and despite that mishap everything else turned out great too. I forget that I know how to clean AND cook.

Oh, a quick review of "The Core" (caught at 1000 Van Ness on Friday afternoon): Check your brain at the door. Definitely a popcorn movie, with plot holes you can drive a truck through and a sequence involving the destruction of San Francisco. Oddly enough, though the advertising goes on about how this one is "everything Armageddon wanted to be", I found it oddly lacking in wholesale wanton destruction. Under the "unfortunate coincidence" category of movie making we have the crash landing of a space shuttle in Los Angeles (the Endeavor, thank goodness... Columbia would have been too creepy), birds going insane in the UK, goofy demolition of Rome... well, if you like Irwin Allen, you'll love The Core.

The crowd watching it with us was pretty sparse in the techie department, determined by the fact that the same three people kept laughing at all the techie in-jokes (not too many, but present), and I was one of them.

Karin just woke up for a couple of minutes to take another Claritin (she's allergic to cat hair, and thus Gene's cat, Oscar). She asked me how the hell I type the way I do... Apparently I do some sort of mutant thing where my fingers are totally in the wrong places, but yet I'm typing really fast. It's true... I sort of type the way some people can play piano, though it's hard to do when I'm thinking about it -- like now.

Oh, one last tidbit before I wander off in a daze (morning? Sunrise? What am I doing up?), I finally got the cell phone back online Friday by about noon, and the temp agency project is still in the early stages (I wasn't going to start leaving my number at places that wouldn't be able to reach me until I was sure it would WORK). I'll update y'all later as I start making things happen.

Maybe THAT'S why I'm up so early -- It's a sign that I'm ready to "wake up".

Or maybe it's just a light case of heartburn.
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