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Ladybugs and Patriots

Okay, I knew I forgot a couple of things.

First, last weekend Roni and I picked up a small container of Ladybugs (about 1500, more or less) from OSH. This was for the orchid that Noe had gotten her for her birthday which had become literally covered in aphids. Gene, knowing that Darwin would FREAK if we released 1500 bugs (even cute ones) in the living room, volunteered to place the plant in his room by an open window. The ladybug's could then do their work, and then fly off to be beneficial insects elsewhere in the bay area.

At least, that was the plan.

Oh, it worked well enough for the plant in question. But did you know that ladybugs can also eat dust mites? You know, those little annoying parasites that hide in carpets by the thousands munching on... well, I'll leave it to your imagination what kind of foodstuffs can be found amongst the fibers of your rugs. (everyone go "EWWWWWWWWW!")

So now a large number of ladybugs are walking around Gene's room having a blast -- it's a regular all you can eat buffet in there now. Fortunately, Gene's the kind of person who thinks it's really "cool", though it does mean he has to watch his step, especially barefoot.

The other thing was that, on the way to pick up Karin, I ran into a little traffic trouble. Apparently there were two things going on in the civic center causing some minor jams: The first (and largest) was a Mary Kay convention. Yes, THAT Mary Kay, of pink Caddy and bunny torturing infamy. I never saw so many women who looked like disciples of Tammy Faye in my life.

Right across the street was a pro-war demonstration, consisting of at LEAST 200 people (said sarcastically). You could tell it was pro-war because there were american flags everywhere (the bright colors distract people from the stupidity being shouted over loud speakers, I guess) and the content of a lot of the signs, like "support the troops AND the president" and "78% Support the War".

The first was annoying because it does that siamesian linking of my dislike for Bush and his ass backwards policies and supporting the troops, which I have ranted about here before. The second ticked me off because ALL polls are pure, unadulterated propaganda that mean absolutely NOTHING. I don't care what the statisticians say, calling a thousand people at random and asking carefully skewed questions to produce a desired result to help some company or politician's ends is not going to do much to change my mind. Even if those numbers were accurate, why do people think that wholesale support of something that's wrong makes it right? After all, a greater majority of Germans supported Hitler. And, after reading gtpooh's journal about the asinine behavior that these guys seem to get off on, the pro-war groups seem to have a lot more in common with fascism than with democracy.

Oh, there was another cool thing that happened: After the movie Roni and I got caught literally in the middle of the massive Critical Mass rally as it wound down Market street. Critical Mass, for people who may not know, is this bicyclist organization that's actually pretty much world wide, but locally has this massive ride every month, the last friday of the month, around 5:30 PM. This one was bigger than usual because it also had an anti-war slant. Most people were pretty supportive, though there were a few dickheads who couldn't seem to grasp that they weren't going anywhere for awhile. Mind you, we're talking about 10, maybe fifteen minutes before we could cross Market, but this one guy actually started leaning on his horn (like that would help), and then said he was going to squeeze by me to get through because...and this is a direct quote... "I have to go to work". He was driving a very expensive SUV, and had an attitude a mile wide. I pulled up so that he couldn't drive by (he couldn't get through anyway... police were chasing people down who tried, and pondered on what a bunch of whiners a lot of us have become. Being delayed 15 minutes is such a fucking disaster compared to a cruise missile landing in a Kuwaiti mall. No perspective at all.
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