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Yohannon Is Sick (But What Else Is New?)

Damn it, I caught some sort of a fucking cold this week. It hit me Thursday, dug into the trenches on Friday, and is heading into the sunset today. I suppose I should be relieved that this wasn't next weekend, with Roni and I heading southbound to San Diego for Club Climaxx. I've been missing steelmagnoliaca a lot lately, the recent complete collapse of my relationship with wickedladybear (admittedly because of my own shortcomings last holiday season, to be honest) only making it all the clearer where people's loyalties lie. Lay? Hell, I'm so dosed up on cold meds right now, I can barely see the screen, much less determine correct grammatical usage.

It's that bitchy part of being sick... well enough to be bored and tempted by the gorgeous weather outside, but not recovered enough to stand it for more than 30 minutes at a time. Considering how easily you can make things worse by not taking care of things, I've opted for the boring. Roni is being a saint, taking care of me, getting me raspberry sherbet and cold meds, and is now getting some food. I felt pretty crummy for having to rely on her so much, at least until she pointed out that I do the same for her all the time. Damn it, she would go and use logic on me... the meanie.

The hardest part about being sick is over-exposure to war coverage and such. I'm trying NOT to dwell on the idiot in chief, or the fact that the polls seem to indicate that people are sheep willing to believe anything told to them, or even merely implied. Hell, I was determined NOT to mention anything about it all (I dread becoming obsessed or [worse] boring).

Screw it -- I'm going to dig up some tunes and watch "Monkeybone" on the tube.
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