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Let's Start To Play Catch Up!

Last Thursday -- I drove up to the city after packing wildly for the trip to Costa Mesa. I thought I was doing pretty well, having managed to cram almost everything I needed into one bag. lavendersage called to warn me away from her place, which was just as well considering how much I had to do before Friday rolled around. She had contracted a cold, probably from me. Feh.

I decided to eat at Alice's over in Woodside. Alice's has the best hamburgers for those times I think I can't eat ANYTHING. However, I made the mistake of ordering it with cheese, and proceeded to have nothing but trouble keeping the damn thing in one piece.

Trying to get out of Alice's parking lot turned out to be a real trick: While trying to avoid running over a couple of women trying to get into their van, I managed to back into a caddy that was parked directly behind me. While I hadn't picked up much speed yet, I hit him hard enough to crack that thing behind the front license plate (no, not the front bumper...that weird thing the fits the plate TO the bumper itself).

After banging my head into the steering column for a few moments, I dug out my insurance card and pondered what to do next... go into the restaurant and make a general announcement, I was fearing. I was saved from such humiliation by the gentleman in question walking out of the building at that very moment.

As it turns out, he never even noticed the damage until I came out, all apologetic. It all turned into one of those moments where we both got a bit of a reaffirmation that humanity still has some hope, him because I actually waited until he came out, and me when he refused to take my insurance info. If you happen to encounter a red caddy with gold trim with the vanity plates "I S E", do something nice for the driver. All I could do was thank him sincerely and shake his hand.

The rest of the trip to SF was taken slowly and carefully... I take signs like that seriously.
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