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Last Friday...

So, Roni and my good intentions were not so iron clad that we actually got onto the road at 10 am. In fact, Roni didn't even wake up until 10. I, having stayed up a good portion of the night digitizing, encoding, and burning a copy of the documentary that FINALLY came in the mail with my blow up doll (I'll explain that later), would not have been in the best driving shape anyway. Despite all of this we managed to get out by noonish, and made our way over to 5 via 580 for what turned out to be a fine drive down south.

The most notable part of the trip was Roni's excitement at seeing an Iron Skillet restaurant. This is a childhood memory thing, apparently, and we resolved to hit it for lunch on the way up.

I also noted that 5 has been, in a sense, speeding up over years past. I remember when I could cruise down doing 85 and only rarely be passed by other cars. This trip I found myself setting the cruise control to 90, and still was passed frequently by people who must have been holding a steady 110+. And people wonder why I'm so eager for Moller to get his flying car into mass production: At least then I can stay far, far away from those freaks.

Another change is that car pool lanes in LA have become a joke. So many people are car pooling that the main traffic lanes are actually traveling better than those of us who are trying to do the right thing by pooling.

We finally made it to Costa Mesa by 7:30, a mere 30 minutes before steelmagnoliaca was due to arrive. The Ramada Inn was undergoing some reconstruction, which didn't bother me in the least. However, those of us who are fans of CSI know that it's not a good sign to find this parked by your hotel:

Roni discovered that the police were clustered around room 210 (we were in room 203) and over-heard enough to figure out that it was involving some sort of domestic dispute. She said she could see one police woman standing by an open door, looking in at something she obviously didn't want to see. I hope it all worked out okay.

Valerie got in about 8:30, giving us time to kick back and watch the documentary. The TV in the mini-suite had inputs on the front, so I could feed it from the portable. I know, I haven't said ANYTHING about the doc yet... I will, as soon as everyone who was in it has had a chance to hear about it, at the least!

Val and Roni went to get Val something to eat, and I crashed with a bit of a headache. Must have been a combination of lack of sleep and the driving, because when they got back a couple of hours later, I felt a LOT better.

Saturday's up next!
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