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What A Girl Wants... Really?

It was a cute movie. Roni, steelmagnoliaca and I all hit up a certain Amanda Bynes movie that Roni and Val both wanted to see. Personally, I preferred the first time around, when it was "The Princess Diaries", but I have to admit that it wasn't a bad popcorn movie. After, we wandered into Strouds to see if there was something nice on sale to replace her suddenly shredded summer sheets (get your minds out of the gutter for a second... we think they got caught up in the washer agitator). We found these cute 310 thread sheets on sale that were white with dark blue polka dots.

Flower showed up at one point early in the evening, so we all went to the Outback for dinner. I'm sure the four of us utterly confused the local 'danes.

The party preparations were almost worth the trip in themselves. We decided to head over to the local "erotic gift" store, "Condom Revolution". To say it was not on a par with Good Vibrations is an understatement, but it was worth going if only to see the complete set of blow up sex toys. Sheep, goat, pig, and a few variants too bizarre for words.

WHile we were there we wanted to grab some liquid latex for Roni's "top" (we ARE talking about a fetish party, after all!) but the only color they had was "natural".

Now, in hindsight it was obvious that "natural" wasn't the same color as "flesh" (fer instance), but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

So we got back to the hotel SWEEEEE-EET! and started to put ourselves together. I painted up Roni's breasts with the aforementioned "natural" liquid latex (bemoaning the large quantities of Red, Green, Blue and Black sitting back in Roni's room in SF, where I had stupidly left them) and assisted Val into her outfit. One of her garters almost took out an eye when it decided to partly unravel, resulting in one of the worst impromptu hand sewing jobs I have ever inflicted on a garment. I'm certain it would have gotten me arrested in Utah.

Meanwhile, the latex started to dry on Roni's breast...and virtually vanish, which prompted the philosophical discussion as to whether her nipples could be considered "covered" or not as per the state liquor laws. After we concluded that they would not, she had fun removing the latex (partly captured on digital camera), and she settled for a lovely PVC top.

I was accused of "cheating" because I just slipped on a kilt and shirt and was ready to go. As it turns out I was putting in far more effort than most of the boys in attendance. Most of them were in the standard dance lizard garb of khaki's and button downs, a couple dressed in black (you know... ALL fetishists wear black. Feh) and one actually wore PVC pants and a collar. The women were all looking great, but (as usual) I was already with the cutest ones.

I had a couple of drinks, but it just wasn't working fun wise. I danced with Val a bit, watched the crowd wander in, but by 11:30 I was seriously bored -- aside from S and H from SD no one I would have hung out with showed up. Valerie didn't want to head back yet, so she tossed us the keys and Roni and I left, with a stop at the local Slurpee Mecca for icy goodness.
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