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Off Line Journal Post #1 - God Help America

You may have noticed that I was apparently absent from LJ for a fairly long period of time (about two months). In fact, I DID try to access the site a few times, and even had created some off-line posts. Unfortunately, since (at least at the time) the off-line clients for OS X were less than adequate, I did them in a text editor. Every time I went to post them (or anything else) I encountered the usual server errors.

Of course, that was just an obvious excuse to avoid writing for a bit. Now, I have both an off-line client (I'm testing one now! knocking on my head) and a new will to write. This is the only one of the off-line pieces I can find at the moment, written November 30th, 2001, while I was sitting across from some nice men and women in cammies and carrying big guns.

Well, the war is over...and we lost.I know, a lot of people are sitting out there assuming I must be some sort of malcontent, a radical bent on destroying america. Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, I'm the first one to say that the ones responsible for September 11th be brought to justice. However, based on the current way of thinking, the fiends don't deserve justice. What was it that the Shrub proclaimed? That we wouldn't allow them to use our freedom against us?Of course, the fact that eliminating that freedom, even for one person, is an affront to what we, as a nation, stand for, seems to be lost on him. So we caved to fear. We surrendered to the terror. Yes, we did...as I write this, I'm sitting in San Jose international, directly across from the security checkpoint. I'm watching as nail clippers are being confiscated, people are being patted down, and more guns are visible in this one location then in the past five years. We're frightened, and we're letting that fear dictate who we are as a people...rather than facing it down, refusing to bend, we're bending over and allowing our freedoms to be taken away.Another item: People think racial profiling anyone who appears muslim is ok. Even blacks, the previous group to most decry the practice, are remaining silent...after all, THEY'RE not the ones being profiled this time. I'm waiting for the announcement of the first detainment center (read "Internment Camp"), perhaps somewhere really cozy...Alcatraz is still federal property, isn't it?Recently I caught Savage Spear in concert. One of the songs is "We can bomb the world to pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace". Certainly, our approach seems to be one of "kill them all, and let god sort them out". How many people have dies since the "War on Terror" began? How many ofn these people do you suppose even HEARD of the WTC, or NY, or were sympathizers of those who did know?Journalialists are afraid for their jobs. Commenting on the wrong thing, reporting an unflattering fact, or being critical of the government has caused several to be fired. The cause is so just in the eyes of the media moguls they actually come out and proclaim that we must all speak with one voice...even if what we're saying might be wrong.Welcome to the nightmare of fascist america. We finally have gotten our dictator...it'll be interesting to see how he's overthrown.
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