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With No Sense Of Irony Whatsoever...

Realizing that I haven't bitched about Iraq in over a week, I think I need to say SOMETHING about this.

So, those pesky Shiites... remember them? They were the ones that we tried to get to rise up against Saddam in '91, and then left twisting in the wind. The ones that, in my opinion, waited to make sure that we really WERE going to take Hussein down before dancing in the streets for the embedded propaganda specialists journalist's cameras to be used against them later. They were also intensely Muslim.

So, they've actually decided they want to form a theocratic government, just like Iran's. Of course, this is also the same form of government that the US just ousted from Afghanistan... remember that country? The one that still hasn't been rebuilt? ANY-how, so they're suddenly coming out of the woodwork, and the US resident in thief and company are all shocked over how many of them their are. Imagine, all those fundamentalist muslims in a middle eastern country! Oh, and they were a suppressed group, so they were so easy to count while Saddam was in power. Right.

Now, Ari Fleischer says, with a straight face, that it's all the doing of Iran and Syria, and that the US won't let any "outside influences" determine what happens in Iraq when forming a new government. I think it was Charlie Ross, on CBS, who nailed it when he says that only internal factors would permitted... like Bechtel.

Once again, we see why attacking Iraq was incredibly misguided. The fact that Bush's polls and popularity are so high only confirms my idea that this really is a fascist culture that delights in these little romps, and that we deserve that twit after all. My only delight will be watching whatever government that's installed pull a major Weimar Republic in double time -- after all, by definition democracy implies that ANYONE can run and be elected, anything can become "law". From bread and circuses to the absolute tyranny of religious dictatorship, you can't stop people from voting stupidity into common sense by proclamation of the fool of a thousand heads.

Meanwhile, North Korea has admitted to having WOMD (still MIA in Iraq, BTW). Of course, we already KNEW that. They've flatly told us that they'll use, trade, or otherwise leverage their existence based on what the US does. They have the missiles to hoist them and the completely insane nationalistic fervor to push the button. Thanks, George... it looks like your priorities were dead on.
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