Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

I've Got A Headache...

...and it's

t h i s b i g!

But not so huge that I can't complaine about this asshole and his rather pigheaded stance that he doesn't have to abide by hermorrine's requests to remove her info from his site. This feeder dick-head doesn't seem to grasp that he can easily be shut down for harrassment AND slander. Twit.

Went to see "Ghosts of the Abyss", the James Cameron 3d iMax experience. It was a wonderful documentary, but afterwards I realized why it had been over a decade since my LAST simulated 3D through use of polarized specs experience. I have the aforementioned migraine from hell. Probably for the same reason I can see a flicker if screens refresh at 60 hz, I'm guessing.

I'm waiting for the drugs to take effect. Is it me, or have I beenhaving a shitload more migraines over the last month or so?

I hope it's gone tomorrow: I applied for some kick ass Mac Admin positions that I stumbled into by sheer dumb luck on Friday (POSTED on Friday, I add!). In the meantime, all y'all be dears, check the feeder dickwads site in case he's posted YOUR personal info there, or the personal info of someone you know. The more complaints sent to Yahell about the page, the more likely he'll be forced to yank it. Of course, he's probably yanking it anyway, but that's his business.

(off to pet Bruce the Kitty in a nice, dark room...)
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