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An Atrocious Pun (or Two... Okay, Maybe Three) - You Have Been WARNED

Sudden thoughts whilst wandering through Yahoo's TV listings:

"Tonight on HBO, the daring ground breaking series when a former '70's action series actress admits to sleeping with men and undergoing a series of psychotherapy in the real life story 'Touched, Bi: An Angel'"

"An embattled geometry teacher in an impoverished inner-city high school achieves a breakthrough with a troubled student when he discovers an aptitude with geometric proofs in the Hallmark special, 'Touched by an Angle'"

"Holy intervention destroys the home of an hypocritical televangelist when the Almighty burns to the ground his mansion built from the funds of his followers in the divine comedy, 'Torched by an Angel'"

(cackles insanely)
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