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PayPal Sucks Big Hairy Moose Wang

[note: this was accidentally submitted by dork blogger before it was finished. D'oh!]

Thank god for good internet friends. dexocracy sent me a peeved e-mail asking how she had managed to miss PayPal's change in user policy regarding adult web sites and products. As in they will no longer accept money for same as of June 12, 2003. As I hadn't any clue this was the case, I checked out their site, and found the note dated about 10 days ago that explained all of this.

Now, I had a feeling this might happen after Eww-Bay bought them late last year. Michele thinks it's some bullshit compliance issue brought about by our government that seems hellbent on shredding whatever freedoms we have. Conspiracy? Nah, they're just are a bunch of scared boys with the collective IQ of a shrubbery.

So I'm checking out the iBill, though the fucks charge 15% per transaction.
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